When Sally is caught leaving school premises, Rachel sends her to the cooler. Chris becomes concerned that one of his best students, Vicki MacDonald, is acting strangely, missing classes and handing work in late. At the end of series two, a few cast members who had previously received main billing had departed. Chlo isn't happy with the idea, but is delighted when Brett offers to help. Thirtieth and final episode of Series 7, and the last episode set at the school's original location in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. The show follows the lives of the teachers and the pupils at the eponymous school of Waterloo Road, a failing inner-city comprehensive, tackling a wide range of issues often seen as taboo such as murder, binge drinking, child sexual abuse, suicide pacts, schizophrenia, bankruptcy, workplace bullying, hemangioma, bribery, clinical depression, prescription drug abuse and false accusations of rape. Meanwhile, Tom is worried that Chlo's new role as a wife is threatened her education, and asks Steph to give her extra French tuition. The school is hosting a choir contest and the Waterloo Road entrants win. [3] All twenty episodes were later released together on 23 May 2011. As a result, around 100 new pupils are enrolled at Waterloo Road and neither the "posh" John Fosters pupils nor the "scuzzy" Waterloo Road kids are happy about it. Chlo Grainger. Auditions take place for the school's end of term talent show and Tom takes Josh out for some father-son bonding. It's a battle of wills, won when Michaela stages a protest demanding to be allowed on the scheme and Rachel opens it up to everyone. Waterloo Road fans were excited to discover that all 10 series of the Rochdale-based school drama are now available to view on BBC iPlayer. The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the Eponymous school, a failing inner-city comprehensive school. English teacher Tom, who went on to become head of English and then deputy head, was popular with the students of Waterloo Road. Tragedy is in store as Hordley throws a smouldering fag-end into the bins filled with paper. Elsewhere, Grantly's gambling debt spirals out of control. In the observation gallery Michaela and Ros McCain are horrified to learn about Lindsay's sexual abuse. Matt's thrown into a panic when Rachel announces the school musical is to be performed earlier in the day for a VIP audience, without a proper rehearsal, and everyone's work looks set to be for nothing when a jealous Aleesha plots to sabotage the musical. The series utilises an ensemble cast, led by the staff members of the eponymous school. And, Grantly is desperate to hide his money troubles for his wife. This series opened with headteacher Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrells) recording an emotional message for the entire school to hear, following the death of his colleague Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny). And, Brett is trying to restore his relationship with Mika, and uses the school news letter as a way of reeling her in. Meanwhile, Brett is left reeling when Mika tells him that she is pregnant. Today is Waterloo Road's first ever girls' football match and Tom is preparing the team to give it all they've got. Elsewhere, overweight pupil Aidan causes difficulties and Rachel searches for a new Healthy Eating Head, but gets a blast from the past. Jasmine suspects Paul is being abused and raises her concerns with Steph. Darcy Isa as Lauren Andrews (20 episodes), Thomas Milner as Paul Langley (20 episodes), Tachia Newall as Bolton Smilie (19 episodes), Lauren Thomas as Aleesha Dillon (19 episodes), Richie Jeeves as Luke Pendle (7 episodes), Mykola Allen as Michael Vale; Pupil (1 episode), Jamie Birtwistle as Craig Moran; Pupil (1 episode), Josh Brown as Aiden Keen; Pupil (1 episode), Claire Hackett as Jacqui Keen; Aiden's mother (1 episode), Tom McKay as Mark Moran; Craig's brother (1 episode), Maisie-Jo Stahl as Bianka Vale; Pupil (1 episode), Charlotte Wakefield as Cassie Turner; Pupil (1 episode), This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 19:41. Elsewhere, Auditions for the school musical are underway, giving Aleesha the opportunity to play a cruel trick on Karla. Waterloo Road (TV Series 2006–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Jack, who has overcome his demons resulting from Izzie's death, is excited to have heard from Davina. It's the final day of term at Waterloo Road, and the school is pitted against a rival school in the spelling bee championships and the girls football. Ruby is still struggling to cope with her personal problems but is reluctant to take anti-depressants. They were released with a "12" British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) certificate (meaning it is unsuitable for viewing by those under the age of 12 years). Waterloo Road is reeling after Jack's departure, apart from Eddie, who thinks he's the new acting Head. Mika seems to have disowned her sister, but Donte, nursing a broken heart, steals Seddon's moped and goes to look for Chlo. A portion of the soundtrack in series two was provided by Cornish band,Thirteen Senses. Josh's attempts to push his mum and dad together results in an admission by his mum and Steph tries to piece together what took place the night before. Can Jack hold on to the true love of his life? To make matters worse she takes the year 10 class on a trip to a local farm, only for it to be a disaster from the outset with Lauren and Sambuca involved in an act of theft and Josh ending up in hospital. Waterloo Road was recommissioned by Shed Productions alongside BBC Scotland for a third … It's only when Helen refuses to give further bribes that Amy runs to Rachel and confesses all. A member of the Waterloo Road exam board visits the school, as the plagiarism scandal instigated by Maxine Barlow comes to their attention. It's year eight pupil Bianka Vale's birthday but the only present she wants is to spend time with her dad, Gary, who has separated from her mum. Will she come with him or stay to work things out with Tom? The fifth series achieved an average of 5.03 million viewers in the ratings. At first Bolton rejects him but fortunately he gets saved by his teachers before he kills his uncle one day when he goes home early from school. Chlo does return to Waterloo Road, but she and Donte's relationship may never be the same. But for Kim it is not so easy to forget as she reveals that she is expecting Max's baby. The first ten episodes were released on 2 March 2009,[3] episodes 11–20 were released on 11 May 2009. Tom, worried about his son's behaviour, questions Josh who "fesses" up – believing that his dad would be cool about it as they are more like friends than father and son. It's the day of Helen Hopewell's first official inspection and she is desperate to impress. Meanwhile, Sally Froggatt is juggling her schoolwork and looking after her little brother, Ben. Like the rest of the Waterloo Road cast, Katie Griffiths, who played Chlo, continued acting. Meanwhile, the pressure is taking its toll on Jack. Christopher Meads replaces Eddie as deputy but Rachel is not happy when charismatic Max Tyler,popular with Fosters students,is made executive head as she finds him overly disciplinarian and bullying. An angry Darren accuses Davina of touching his son and takes his complaint to Rachel, leaving Davina fearing for her career. but Bolton finds his whole world crashing down when he finds himself on the wrong side of the bars. Tom Payne played former pupil Brett Aspinall in the third season of Waterloo Road from 2007-2008, and has landed a number of high-profile roles since. With Philip Martin Brown, Jason Done, Chelsee Healey, Denise Welch. Waterloo Road has had nine deputy headteachers including Jason Done as long-standing English teacher turned deputy head Tom Clarkson, Jaye Jacobs as intelligent and sexy Sian Diamond and Neil Morrissey as charismatic and inspirational Eddie Lawson. Meanwhile, Eddie is frustrated that the teachers aren't taking their exam duties seriously. Waterloo Road Past Pupils Yearbook. Rachel wants rid of Stuart, but he quickly ingratiates himself – especially with Eddie. As played by Holly Jack. Mark had asked Craig to cancel the trip as the farm is in no state for visitors but Craig "forgot"; he was hoping Ruby would see how much trouble they were in and help convince Mark to sell up. Due to extensive news coverage on 11 May 2010, EastEnders and Holby City were instead shown on 12 May, and Waterloo Road was postponed for two weeks, due to the already scheduled Holby City episode on 19 May. Little does Rachel realise that Max intends to spend the day convincing them to fire her. Whilst Kim and Andrew reconcile and Chlo and Donte move into a flat in Manchester Eddie feels unable to stay on at the school now that Melissa's return has punctured his romance with Rachel. The playground divisions are echoed in the staffroom as many of the old John Fosters team have been ushered in to ensure the smooth transition, much to the annoyance of the existing staff. Rachel accompanies Lindsay to court for her mother's trial, but Marion's case isn't going well. Ruby Fry, meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to upgrade the school's buffet menu and puts caviar and other pricey sundries on her husband, John's, company credit card. Josh and Lauren's flirting picks up pace, only to come to an abrupt end when the secret of Lauren's large birthmark on her back is revealed to the whole school. With Aleesha and Danielle she barricades herself in the changing rooms. Elsewhere, Donte goes flathunting for him and Chloe, whilst Chlo finally scuppers to temptation with Brett. Run by Mark Moran, the older brother of year 10 pupil Craig, the farm is in deep financial trouble. When rumours circulate about what happened the night of the crash, Donte, the driver, faces the wrath of the entire school. Bolton sees school as just a game. Ria Cheetham forces Jack to confess that he's manipulated the budget, and calls an emergency government meeting... Jack's future at Waterloo Road hangs in the balance. Kim is jealous and when Chris tells his friend that he's in love with Kim, she confronts her, after which Kim goes into premature labour alone and helpless. Terrified about losing her job, Helen agrees and can't help but think it's £20 well spent when the inspector is obviously impressed with her "teaching ability". He is then gets taken into care when his uncle gets put into physiatric ward. They both lose it when Josh and Siobhan refuse to help them respectively. The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, a troubled … Jack was witness to Izzie's stabbing at the end of Series 2, but it was previously unknown if she had died or not. Determined to turn a group of troublesome boys around. Eddie has organised a bad boys weekend to turn the lives of the most disruptive pupils around, and some of the staff are going on the trip. Jasmine is having the day from hell. Galleries from Waterloo Road. Rachel's anxious about which construction firm will win the bid for Waterloo Road's new training centre – she must back blackmailer, When Jasmine intervenes in an altercation between bully. The set included special features titled: Autumn Term Scrap Book, Pupil Reports, Teacher Evaluation and a Spring Term Scrap Book. But they soon become best friends. However, Josh is stunned and humiliated by Tom's angry reaction and in retaliation he spikes Tom's lunch with the drug, which puts both Tom and Kim in danger. Waterloo Road is forged to merge with John Fosters,a former private school. Stuart Hordley, enraged at the loss of all his business, returns to the school determined to expose Rachel's past to the school. Donte sees Davina getting into a swanky car and is shocked to see the driver is his old headmaster, Jack Rimmer. He's been grilled on budgets by school adviser Ria Cheetham, and continues his downward spiral concerning Izzy's death which has resulted in a bitter feud with Tom. Amy is later stunned when he proposes they make a suicide pact, rather than live without each other. However Ralph turns up,drunk,and climbs into a digger, knocking down part of the school before Eddie stops him and he is arrested. The sixth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 1 September 2010, and ended on 6 April 2011 on BBC One.The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the Eponymous school, a failing inner-city comprehensive school.It consists of twenty episodes, divided into two half series of ten episodes each. Amy is encouraged by Finn to draw on priceless works of art, only to be caught on CCTV. Jack's day gets worse when Eddie discovers Jack's use for the Excellence in Cities' money. Adam starts making wedding preparations which affects Ruby whose husband has asked for a divorce. 18 May 2011 Episode #7.3. Rachel, Chris and Kim all come together to find the pair, but Rachel's determination to solve the issue at hand has an effect on Adam, who openly questions her commitment to him, putting their marriage in jeopardy. Mika, frustrated by Tom ignoring her requests to go on an environmental protest, takes her eco-warrior plans with Brett to another level, on the building site of the new Training Centre. Jack is desperate to win Davina back. 4/13 Previous Next. The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the eponymous school. Matt's mother, Susan Wilding, suddenly announces she's on her way to visit and, in a panic, Matt quickly removes all traces of partner Colin from their flat. The fifth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 28 October 2009 and ended on 15 July 2010 on BBC One. A fight club is in full swing at Waterloo Road, with Bolton Smilie and Paul Langley at the centre.
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